Save the date: become an expert reviewer for the Business and Biodiversity Assessment


IPBES is seeking experts from all relevant disciplines and backgrounds for the external review of its metholodgical assessment of the business and biodiversity assessment (business and biodiversity assessment)

The draft assessment will be made available for review for a period of 8 weeks, from 24 July to 17 September 2024.

Reframing Relationships Between Humans and the Earth: The "Anthropocene", a New Ideology to Sustain the Status Quo

stylised drawing on humans and nature

Environmentalists associate the political and economic status quo with desertification, pollution, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, global warming, uncontrolled waste and many other consequences related to governance and general well-fare, that affect the majority of destitute people that lack educational, social and economic means to protect themselves.

Open Call: IPBES Fellowship Programme

call for IPBES fellows

The deadline for applying is 20 September 2021 and the deadline for nominations is 27 September 2021.

This is a great opportunity for early-career individuals to get involved in the current IPBES assessments: nexus and transformative change.
It is possible to apply to be a fellow on both assessments.

There is lots of information on the fellowship programme and how to apply for this opportunity on the IPBES webpage: