New e-learning catalogues on biodiversity: dive into videos, MOOCs and more

Advert for e-learning on biodiversity featuring a sea turtle

At ONet, we've catalogued free e-learning opportunities on biodiversity.

Looking for information on biodiversity to share? Do you want an introduction yourself? Ideas for taking action? Or opportunities to enhance your professional skills?

Check out our collections of information from IPBES, short intros, and MOOCs. All of the MOOCs are available at no cost and many come with free certification, too. Wherever available, we've also included courses in other languages:

  • E-Learning opportunities on biodiversity and IPBES
    Explore the basics on IPBES, biodiversity, and ecosystems - both terrestrial and aquatic. We've also included background for food production and agriculture, as major influences on biodiversity. Professionals will find a list of MOOCs on the IUCN Red List included.

  • E-Learning opportunities for action on biodiversity
    Explore the IPBES summaries, and courses on every level: from individual action to national plans. We've also included specialty lists on resilience and systems thinking, terrestrial landscapes, coral reefs, tourism, food and agriculture, and the fashion industry.

  • E-Learning opportunities on biodiversity law and finance
    Explore what IPBES has to offer for business. We've included MOOCs for a range of timeframes: even with just one hour to spare, the courses on these lists will get you started on business, finance and law for biodiversity.


These blog posts were inspired by our most recent ONet Caucus Day: thank you to ONet's many dedicated volunteers!

Updated 8th September 2023