Stakeholder Opening Statement@IPBES 10, share your input!

ONet Caucus day 16th August

ONet Caucus on 16th August, 13:00 CEST - registration open!

You are warmly invited to the upcoming online Caucus on 16th August. The Caucus is planned for 1hour 30 minutes, beginning at 13:00 CEST 

The main objective of this Caucus is to allow ONet members from each region of the world to connect and to prepare for the IPBES 10 Plenary.  A member of the ONet facilitation team will give a short presentation of the IPBES plenary process. It will be the opportunity to learn or refresh in your mind what will be discuss at IPBES 10 and what are the main ways for stakeholders to take part in IPBES work, with a focus on Stakeholder day and Plenary.  We will dedicate time to answer your questions and invite you to share your main message as a stakeholder representative to bring to IPBES 10 plenary. 

To attend the August 16th Caucus, please register using the link below before August 8th:

If you can't attend the preparatory Caucus but would like to share messages to consider for building stakeholder opening statement, please, fill this quick survey, it will take you no more than 5 minutes and will help ONet to talk on behalf of as much stakeholders as possible. Please also fill it if you register for the Caucus in order to help ONet facilitation team in the preparation of the Caucus. before August 8th

You can also send us an email to [email protected] before 8th August if you want to develop your ideas further than the survey.