IPBES Executive Secretary Anne Larigauderie on "the vital role of IPBES stakeholders"

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Today, IPBES Executive Secretary Dr. Anne Larigauderie published an article on The Vital Role of IPBES Stakeholders in Achieving Global Nature Targets.

Anne Larigauderie calling individuals and organisations to actively engage with IPBES
Dr. Larigauderie's call to action

At ONet, we're delighted about Dr. Larigauderie's and IPBES's support. We're looking forward to welcoming new members following her call to join us.

She emphasises that we — as stakeholders — are vital actors within the IPBES community and in the achievement of the Biodiversity Plan:

  • for the expertise we bring to IPBES assessments.
  • for our local initiatives, equipped with the resources and tools provided by IPBES, as she explains.
  • for our engagement in international forums, for example the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).


Alongside ONet, Dr. Larigauderie also introduces

  • our sub-groups like the SSH Network for members from the social sciences and humanities: meet them at their upcoming webinars.
  • our member organisations, like for example YESS for young people and early career researchers.
  • IIFBES, our sibling stakeholder network for indigenous peoples and local communities: meet them at their upcoming webinar. Stakeholders can choose to apply to both ONet and IIFBES.


Read the IPBES Executive Secretary's full article on IPS News Agency.


Would you like to support stakeholder engagement with IPBES? And gain first-hand insight into IPBES? We have several volunteer roles available on the ONet facilitation team, from just one hour a week: see our 2024 recruitment page. Of course, we also welcome regular members and organisations at any time (it's easy and free of charge): join us today.


Who are IPBES stakeholders?

As Dr. Larigauderie writes, any individual or organization that can benefit from or contribute to the science-policy work of IPBES is an IPBES stakeholder.

At ONet, we welcome policy makers and government officals at all levels, researchers of all disciplines, environment practitioners, people who hold local knowledge relevant to biodiversity, businesses and industry, community organisations, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, media, and communities and the public at large.

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