Get your choice of #InvasiveAlienSpecies poster and virtual background for free

IPBES Invasive Alien Species Poster

The most popular poster from the #IPBES10 Plenary is now available for download: get your copy of the poster on Invasive Alien Species here. There's a choice of formats, including jpg for use on screen, pdf for download, and a special version for printing.


Why not choose a virtual background for your video conferences, too?

  • If you like the drawing shown on the poster above, the style is available!
  • If photographs are more your thing and you still want to help us promote the Invasive Alien Species Assessment: how about one of the styles shown below or one of several more in the dropbox folder?
  • Invasive alien species are not your interest? There's surely something to your taste and needs in the overall IPBES collection!

Post updated 04 Sept 2023


selection of available backgrounds