IPBES9 Stakeholder Day


IPBES9 Stakeholder Day

Saturday, 2 July 2022, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., (CEST) at the World Conference Center, Bonn, Germany.

This is an in person event but it will be livestreamed too.

Register to attend this event here before the 15 June 2022.


We are excited about the agenda for this event. It includes presentations on items to appear on the IPBES9 agenda, special presentations for the SSH, IIFBES and CABES networks and initiatives, plus a presentation on how to get involved in IPBES assessments which are underway or soon to launch.

Like last year, there will be the possibility for those attending to present IPBES-related initiatives on a poster (for details of this, please open the PDF #IPBES9 Stakeholder day update on the IPBES9 Stakeholder Day page).

You can view the current agenda, get further details on the opportunity to present a poster and also find out how to follow the livestream (coming shortly), all from the IPBES9 Stakeholder Day page: https://ipbes.net/ipbes-9/stakeholderday