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ONet Caucus Day 2022 will take place online. Everyone is very welcome to join! Please come to listen, discuss and share your ideas.

Date: 13:00-15:05 CET, June 24th (Friday)

Please register here before 17:00 CET, June 17th, and feel free to share the invitation with others.


Copy of the letter of invitation (sent to ONet members who registered to receive ONet mailings):


2022 ONet Caucus Day Invitation

IPBES-9: It is that time of year again! Are you ready?

Dear IPBES Stakeholders,

As IPBES-9 is fast approaching, we again have the opportunity for our annual meet-up and exchange of ideas. Our engagement this year will consist of two important events:

  • 2022 ONet Caucus Day, which will take place online @ 13:00-15:05 CET, June 24th (Fri.),

  • 2022 IPBES Stakeholder Day, which will take place in-person (broadcasted live) in Bonn, Germany @ 09:00-16:00 CET, July 2nd (Sat.).

Please do save the dates in your busy schedules and join us for both events!


Invitation to participate in 2022 ONet Caucus Day and contribute ideas to our Opening Statement at IPBES-9

What is 2022 ONet Caucus Day?

2022 ONet Caucus Day is an online discussion forum (125 mins in length) which is aimed at

(1) enhancing the IPBES stakeholders’ familiarity with ONet, its subnetworks (YESS and SSH) and main objectives,

(2) networking and exchange of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services-inspired ideas,

(3) collectively developing the first draft of our Opening Statement, which will be finalised during the 2022 IPBES Stakeholder Day and delivered at IPBES-9 Plenary.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

How can you participate in 2022 ONet Caucus Day?

Simply by filling out the 2022 ONet Caucus Day / Registration Form by 17:00 CET, June 17th. And? And by inviting your friends and colleagues to join as well! Please make sure that they register as ONet members first, if they have not already done so.

How can you contribute to 2022 ONet Caucus Day and the Opening Statement?

Great question! It has been a common practice that we, IPBES Stakeholders, present a brief statement during the opening session of the IPBES Plenary meetings – aka the Opening Statement. It encapsulates our main concerns, ideas and suggestions towards the Plenary and aligns with the Plenary Agenda. On the 2022 ONet Caucus Day, we will collectively develop the first draft of our 2022 Opening Statement for IPBES-9.

Your inputs: this is where we need your help! To help us prepare, we kindly ask you to send us a few words on the key topics you wish to be addressed in the 2022 Opening Statement. We will then summarise everyone’s ideas, including those that have the widest support in our community, and share them on the 2022 ONet Caucus Day.

To provide your inputs please fill out the ONet Caucus Day / Registration Form here by 17:00 CET, June 17th.

Are there any guidelines on the inputs for the Opening Statement?

Well, while this process is open-ended, suggested topics need to align with the IPBES-9 Agenda. We also include a link to the 2021 Opening Statement as an inspirational material.

Each suggested key topic should have two components: a headline that succinctly describes the idea (max. 150 characters with spaces), and a paragraph that describes the rationale for the idea (max. 600 characters with spaces). We also request the inclusion of the proposer's name, e-mail address and institution.

You are welcome to submit more than one topic, up to a maximum of three key topics per person.  The proposed topics may be interconnected, which will facilitate our work, but it is not mandatory.

And, just as a reminder: to provide your inputs please fill out the ONet Caucus Day / Registration Form here by 17:00 CET, June 17th.

Thank you!

Any more questions/ suggestions/ ideas?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at:

This is it for now! Please do look out for more information on the upcoming stakeholder events~ 

Best regards,

ONet Facilitation Team