Cameroon National Trialogue: Mobilizing National and Global Biodiversity Knowledge into Action


Cameroon will be receiving catalytic support from the second phase of BES-Net (BES-Net II), known as the BES Solution Fund, supporting the uptake of priority recommendations from the assessment report as well as uptake of the IPBES global thematic assessments by science, policy and practice at the national level.

The objective of the Trialogue in Cameroon is to provide the policymakers, scientists and practitioners with a platform to explore jointly the opportunities for a harmonious and coordinated uptake of the key findings of the interlinked IPBES global and regional assessment reports, particularly the thematic assessments on pollinators and land degradation/restoration, as well as the national ecosystem assessment report. In addition, the Trialogue will pave the way for the co-creation of a plan to translate the mentioned findings into concrete actions on the ground.