IPBES youth workshop 19-23 October 2022


There is an open call to nominate participants to the IPBES youth workshop (19-23 October 2022).

  • Youth in this case means age 18-30 years old.
  • Nominations can be made by governments, relevant institutions and organizations.
  • Nominees should be representatives of youth networks or organisations.
  • It is also possible that youth networks themselves can make the nomination of one of their members directly - the group does not need to be an official IPBES observer organisation.

The workshop will take place in person on the Isle of Vilm, Germany, with the aim of strengthening the engagement of young people in the work of IPBES. Did you know: Vilm is one of Germany's most remote and tranquil spots. It is less than 1 square kilometre!

The workshop will consist of 25 participants, with five participants from each of the five UN regions (Africa, Asia and Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, Western Europe and others).

Interested candidates are requested to fill out their application form by 10 August 2022. Nominators are invited to approve the application by 17 August 2022.

The application form and further information are available on the IPBES website: https://ipbes.net/ipbes-youth-workshop-2022

Please share this call widely!