Key documents and resources

Several key documents and resources for ONet members are available for download from this page:

  • the ONet Terms of Reference.
  • the ONet Social Media Terms of Engagement.
  • Stakeholder statements to IPBES plenaries.
  • Further resources, including introductions to IPBES, as well as information for observers and national focal points.



ONet Terms of Reference

All members of ONet must accept and abide by the ONet Terms of Reference. As a self-organised, inclusive, and open-ended network, ONet seeks to:

  • Foster a two-way communication between network members and IPBES.
  • Disseminate information and material on IPBES products and achievements to a great variety of audiences.
  • Reach out to a diversity of potential users and providers of information, data, knowledge to increase the relevance and use of the IPBES Platform.
  • Strengthen support for the Platform’s deliverables from different regions and scientific disciplines.
  • Mobilize resources for capacity-building.
  • Mobilize in-kind contributions from stakeholders.

Download the ONet Terms of Reference



ONet Social Media Terms of Engagement

All member of ONet are warmly invited and encouraged to contribute to ONet on social media. ONet itself is present on Facebook and X. Social media have become an integral and important part of:

  • communicating and promoting nature’s role in sustainable development.
  • identifying, gathering, and generating data and information to inform biodiversity and ecosystem services assessments.
  • exchanging knowledge and connecting people across sectors.
  • developing an active relationship (including increasing trust through greater transparency) with stakeholders and target audiences; and
  • bridging the science - policy gap, which includes sharing outcomes and activities of global environmental initiatives, with special consideration of remote areas.

However, some rules are necessary to ensure good practices and to harmonize posts: please see the ONet Social Media Terms of Engagement. These terms were approved after discussions among the ONet facilitation team and an online consultation of the ONet community in 2019.

Download the ONet Social Media Terms of Engagement



Statements to the IPBES plenaries

ONet coordinates the crafting of opening statements that are delivered during the opening ceremony of IPBES plenaries, on behalf of ONet and IPBES stakeholders.

All IPBES stakeholders are invited to contribute to these statements: we collaboratively draft and finalize each opening statement at an ONet Caucus Day and at Stakeholder Day. The ONet facilitation team also seeks input for example through surveys and shared drafts.

If there is sufficient time in the plenary schedule, IPBES may also invite ONet to deliver a closing statement. It is crafted during ONet meetings that take place throughout the plenary. The closing statement often touches upon themes and issues raised in the plenary.


IPBES 10 opening statement | closing statement

IPBES 9 opening statement

IPBES 8 opening statement | closing statement

IPBES 7 opening statement | closing statement

IPBES 6 opening statement | closing statement

IPBES 5 opening statement

IPBES 4 opening statement



Other Resources

Download the Guide to IPBES Plenary Meetings for New Observers, published by ONet in 2018.

Download the IPBES Manual for National Focal Points, published by IPBES in 2021. Also available in ES, FR, RU, ZH.

Download the YESS Report on IPBES 9 Stakeholder Day

External resource:
IPBES - An Introduction for Stakeholders by Axel Paulsch, with the Institute for Biodiversity - Network e.V. in 2019

External resource:
Download a brief introduction to IPBES, published by the ValuES project in 2017. Also available in ES, FR, DE, RU.

External resource:
Download an introduction to the IPBES Multiple Values Concept, published by the ValuES project.


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