Towards Sustainable Blue Tourism Trends & Policy | online

Aerial photograph showing clear blue waters and Costa Rica's forest-lined coast

Organised by the Blue Economy Research Lab, Brunel University. Part of Brunel Business School's Blue Economy Webinar Series.

21 June 2024, 14:00-14:45 BST

Join us for an engaging talk titled "Towards Sustainable Blue Tourism: Trends, Challenges and Policy Pathways" by Dr. Angelo Sciacca, Senior Research Fellow at IDDRI and Project Coordinator of the Blue Tourism Initiative. Dr. Sciacca will discuss a recent report promoting holistic maritime and coastal management aligned with the 2030 Agenda. Learn about efforts to improve governance for sustainable, inclusive, and resilient coastal and marine tourism.

The 40-minute webinar includes a 25-minute presentation and 15 minutes for discussion. Organised by Brunel Business School's Blue Economy Research Lab. The presentation will be delivered online through the Microsoft Teams meeting link.

This event is free and offers valuable insights for both academics and practitioners interested in Blue Economy.

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The second global assessment by IPBES "will place major emphasis on marine ecosystems, including the open ocean, coastal areas, tidal zones and seabed," according to the initial scoping report. The final scoping report for this assessment is currently open for review.


About the Blue Economy Research Lab

The lab addresses the critical challenges and opportunities within the Blue Economy, combining enterprise and entrepreneurship in ocean-based industries, such as shipping, fishing, coastal tourism, marine biotechnology or renewable energy, with practices aiming to achieve environmental and social sustainability.

It is part of the Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Research Centre at Brunel Business School London.

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Photo by Bernd Dittrich (hdbernd) on Unsplash: aerial photograph of a coastline in Costa Rica. The country is considered a champion of conservation and biodiversity: it has protected a large part of its area, and ecotourism is a major economic activity. Find out more from SINAC.