SSH webinar: How to facilitate science-policy engagements

Sand dunes meeting the ocean

Organised by the SSH Network.

We invite you to an engaging discussion about 1, 2, 3.. Action: How to facilitate science-policy engagements that work and last?

9. April 2024, 14:00-15:00 CEST

Speaker: Professor Kuang-Chung Lee from National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan. He is based at the Landscape Conservation and Community Participation Lab, where he researches stakeholder participation, landscape conversation, and the management of natural protected areas.

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The SSH Network webinar series

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Poster of the SSH Network webinar series. It currently includes the following events: Facilitating science-policy engagements that work and last, 9 April 2024. The Politics of Transformation at the Climate-Biodiversity Frontier, 23 May 2024. IPBES - an expert organization or a transformative agent, 12 June 2024. See the ONet events page for details and updates.


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The Photo is a cut out from work by Samuel Scrimshaw on Unsplash.