Invasive Alien Species and their Control: final laid-out version & summary video now available

Red lionfish

Updated 6 March 2024

The final laid-out version of the Thematic Assessment Report on Invasive Alien Species and their Control by IPBES is now available.

>> Download the full report from Zenodo

Alongside the final laid-out version of the report, IPBES has also published a 7-minute summary video. It features key facts, animations, and contributions by the co-chairs, against a backdrop of beautiful nature.

>> Watch the summary video on @ipbeschannel


For an overview of IPBES publications, materials, and projects on invasive alien species, see our dedicated page.


IAS report cover
The full report

Photo by Pauline Walsh Jacobson on iNaturalist: the red lionfish (Pterois volitans and synonyms) is a beautiful but dangerous tropical fish. It has spread to new marine environments in one of the most rapid marine finfish invasions in history. See the GISD and the IPBES report for details.