Biodiversity Collage | Workshop

online and multiple locations
A snowy owl in winter with its prey

Organised by Fresque de la biodiversité Québec.

See below for further editions in multiple languages, online and in-person, and for information if you would like to host this workshop yourself.

19 February 2024, 15:00-18:00 EST

The Biodiversity Collage is a collaborative workshop aimed to empower participants to better understand the importance of biodiversity.

Based on the IPBES reports, the Biodiversity Collage enables participants to discover how ecosystems function, the uses of biodiversity for humankind, its interactions with human activity and the threats biodiversity currently faces


Access the full range of IPBES reports on the official website (scroll down for the slide show). To access the 2019 Global assessment report on biodiversity and ecosystem services directly, click here.


During the 3-hour workshop, in teams of 5-7, you will have to:

  • recreate an ecosystem and discover the impacts of a disturbance in it,
  • find the links between multiple cards to understand what Biodiversity is, what it brings and what degrades it,
  • decorate and find a title for your collage and
  • reflect collectively on the actions that could be taken to preserve it.

A Zoom link will be sent to you after you have registered.


Biodiversity Collage and further editions of this event

Biodiversity Collage is a workshop developed by the authors "with experts from with experts from the National Museum of Natural History, the French Biodiversity Agency, IUCN, Humanity & Biodiversity, and business decision makers," based on IPBES outputs, for instance the Global assessment. It is currently offered in cooperation with the French Biodiversity Agency (OFB).

Since ONet mainly operates virtually in English, this page advertises the free online version of the event in English.

  • For further free online-editions in French, see Fresque de la biodiversité Québec on Eventbrite.
  • For a small fee, the workshop is also available in English and online on 13 February 2024 and 21 February 2024.
  • An English, free and in-person event will be hosted at Kensington Library, UK on 3 February 2024.
  • For further in-person workshops in different locations across Europe — some free and some at a small charge — see the official overview: while most are available in French, you will currently find advertised


Host your own Biodiversity Collage

The principle and content of this workshop are protected by Creative Commons BY-NC-ND (Attribution, no commercial use, no modification). It is therefore possible to freely use this tool for any free event, open to the public and during which the facilitators are volunteers.


Biodiversity Collage authors

Géraldine Vuillier, Geoffrey Vuillier, Charles Sirot and Deloitte sustainable development France.


Photo by Jongsun Lee on Wikimedia: the Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus) is Québec's avian emblem. According to the Government of Québec, "the snowy owl symbolizes the whiteness of Québec's winters, its roots in a semi-Nordic climate and its vast territory." These birds are highly nomadic and are found almost anywhere in the circumpolar region. Nevertheless, due to a number of adverse environmental developments, the species is considered vulnerable by the IUCN Red List.