Nature Insight podcast season 3 now available

IPBES Nature Insight podcast
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Join IPBES for the 3rd season of the Nature Insight: Speed Dating with the Future podcast. Sign up on your favourite platform. New episodes are becoming available every Tuesday.

Don't miss episode 2 on stakeholder engagement! Hear from Dr Flore Lafaye de Micheaux, a former Stakeholder Engagement Officer at IPBES, Dr Håkon Stokland who manages the SSH Network here at ONet, and Joji Cariño, convenor of our sibling stakeholder network IIFBES.

Also make sure to join episode 5, to to hear Prof. Helen Roy discuss IPBES's very latest work on invasive alien species.

“From the great heights of the Himalayas to the farthest reaches of Antarctica, we have lined up a lot of exciting new topics and an array of experts to take us on these journeys together. In the first episode of our new season, we feature a mushroom scientist from Nepal who climbed Mount Everest and has been climbing the Himalayas in search of new species of fungi and mushrooms and for new discoveries for science, such as never-before-described species, to help fill existing knowledge gaps. We will also hear from an incredible and groundbreaking expedition that went to the South Pole, a place not known for its biodiversity and usually considered to have very little biodiversity,” explains Rob Spaull, the Head of Communications at IPBES.

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Updated 5 September 2023