Envisioning Pathways for Equitable Sustainability Webinar Series

Vermilion River, Illinois

Every two months, Envisioning Pathways for Equitable Sustainability Workshops will bring together the community and sustainability leaders and organizers to discuss our shared visions and pathways for advancing equitable sustainability. Come to learn about local and regional efforts while connecting with your community!

The workshops will take place from 6:00 to 7:30 pm CST via Zoom (online).



September 2023
Community-Driven Sustainability

November 2023
Resilience, Complexity, and Sustainability: Resilience, Complexity, and Sustainability: employing holistic thinking for advancing sustainability

January 2024
Environmental Justice and Sustainability: environmental justice communities have key insight for advancing sustainability

March 2024
Community Collaboration and Environmental and Conservation Science: bridging approaches with community efforts and priorities

May 2024
Indigenous and Community Sciences: reframing goals and approaches with diverse input and knowledges

July 2024
Equitable Sustainability: approaches for advancing equity through sustainability

September 2024
Mentorship for Sustainability: engaging youth and community in leadership is needed to advance equitable sustainability

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About the workshop series

Responding to the global threats of ecological degradation and climate change, sustainability is poised to transform social and ecological interconnections. Its solutions have the potential to change systemic feedbacks to empower and benefit all communities. However, there are many definitions for sustainability that lead to diverse goals and impacts across sectors. In some cases, sustainability is replicating disparities as it advances strategies that center the longevity of natural resources and resilience of current systems while ignoring disadvantaged communities.

Community and diverse perspectives are needed in order to implement sustainability and ensure its equitable impacts. Together for Nature is organizing this workshop series for the community and with sustainability leaders and organizers to discuss our shared visions and pathways for how sustainability can uphold equity. There will be opportunities for participants to connect with each other and share solutions for equitable sustainability.


Partners and Supporting Organizations

Casa Michoacana
Illinois Environmental Council
Manitou Creek Watershed Alliance
Monarchs, Milkweed, and More
National HABs Team of Sierra Club
Sunrise Movement Chicago


Become a speaker or partner

If you would like to speak at or partner on future workshops, please fill out the form found at bit.ly/envisionsust.


About Together for Nature

Together for Nature is a 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on equitably empowering NE Illinois communities to improve our social and environmental conditions through education, leadership, and advocacy. We work to engage the next generations and environmental justice and underserved communities in participating and leading in sustainability change.


Thank you to Together for Nature for their invitation and thank you to ONet member organization Young ES Specialists (YESS) for sharing this opportunity. Photo by David Sink on Unsplash, showing Vermilion River, Illinois, USA