Call for new members to join the ONet Facilitation Team


The facilitation team is currently composed of 12 volunteer members, all from very diverse geographical and professional backgrounds. 

 Would you like to become part of our team, facilitating ONet members' engagement and supporting interfacing with IPBES? 

 We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated professionals, eager to work with us and to connect with all ONet members!

 If you are interested, please send your application (CV + 1 page letter of motivation) to [email protected]

 Deadline for application: 14th April 2022


Further details and background to this call

Motivated and inspired by IPBES and its work? Join us at ONet facilitation team!

As you know, the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) was created in 2012 to strengthen the interface between policy and science for biodiversity conservation and sustainable use, human well-being and sustainable development. As a result of this intergovernmental program, a series of thematic, regional and global assessments have been produced that summarize the status and trends of different aspects of biodiversity and ecosystem services. However, despite the significance and success of this ongoing process, the importance of our work continues to be relevant and our mission critical.

About ONet: our mission and objectives

The Open-ended Network of IPBES Stakeholders (ONet) proposes to bring all stakeholders and groups of stakeholders interested in IPBES together. ONet aims to facilitate and maximize the effective engagement of stakeholders and knowledge holders in the IPBES process, taking into account the diversity of its members. Our main objectives include:

  • Fostering a two-way communication between ONet members and IPBES;
  • Disseminating information and material on IPBES products and achievements to a great variety of audiences;
  • Reaching out to a diversity of potential users and providers of information, data, knowledge to increase the relevance and use of the IPBES products;
  • Strengthening support for the IPBES’ deliverables from different regions and scientific disciplines;
  • Mobilizing resources for capacity-building; and
  • Encouraging in-kind contributions from stakeholders.

ONet at work: the facilitation team

ONet is coordinated by a small group of volunteers referred to as the Facilitation Team – us. 

We meet for about 1 hour online once a month throughout the year to plan events and answer questions related to ONet objectives and the IPBES work program. Our main activities focus on organizing the ONet Caucus Day once a year and working directly with the IPBES Secretariat on planning the Stakeholder Day preceding IPBES Plenary, coordinating global public consultation processes on gathering ideas and inputs from diverse IPBES stakeholders, and developing ONet opening and closing statements issued during IPBES Plenary sessions. In addition, we put together such exciting online events as the speaker series and conduct surveys to assess the needs and desires of our stakeholder community. 

ONet and you: join us!

Right, this IS the main part!

Our facilitation team is looking for new motivated people who would like to help ONet achieve its objectives, contribute their passion and knowledge, and learn first-hand about IPBES and its work. We are always open to fresh ideas and new viewpoints from all around the world and all walks of knowledge. 

To fairly represent all stakeholders, Facilitation Team members will serve a pre-determined term with continuous rotation of team members in order to integrate new members. This process ensures fresh ideas and inclusive, just perspectives, giving voice to and representation of our global membership.

Accordingly, ONet will call for new volunteers to join the Facilitation Team once a year, to attract new energy that may be balanced with the experience of existing Team members who will then step down once they have reached their predetermined tenure. 

Membership on the Facilitation Team means regular participation at the monthly meetings, sharing IPBES assessments, reports, and information on ONet communication platforms, as well as assisting with the preparation of Stakeholder Days or Caucus Days.  We value your time commitment and efforts, and in return, you will interact with a community of friendly, committed individuals with the same dedication and interests in disseminating IPBES findings on biodiversity conservation.

Please let us know if you are interested to join the Facilitation Team, by submitting an email no later than the 14th of April, 2022 to the following email address:  [email protected], including the following:

  1. Your CV
  2. A one-page description of your interests and motivation for joining the team 

The current members of the Facilitation Team will then decide on an appropriate process to follow depending on how many candidates apply. We will get back to applicants with further details on this process.