Alternet Science-Policy Seminar


Alternet Science-Policy Seminar : Science-policy for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem sustainability: making a difference across systems

This special webinar, the first in a series of Alternet science-policy webinars, will feature introductions to the European biodiversity and ecosystems science-policy landscape and Alternet activities, a keynote on supporting biodiversity governance and policies in the EU with science, and a panel discussion with world-renowned science-policy specialists from adjacent fields of forestry, urban development and human health, each with strong science-policy-interfaces.

Practical Info
Hosts: Alternet and SYKE
Date: 3 February 2022
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
Cost: Free of charge
Location: Virtual (Microsoft Teams)

A recording of the event will be made available for those who register. Registration is free of cost and will be open until 48 hours prior to the webinar.

Follow this link for further information, or to register.