Join ONet at the IPBES 10 Plenary

IPBES flags outside the IPBES 10 Plenary

The IPBES 10 Plenary is taking place Monday, 28 August, 2023 - Saturday, 02 September, 2023.

ONet is on location throughout the event! For information on joining ONet's morning meetings and joint work in Bonn, email us. Public information on the IPBES 10 Plenary is available on the IPBES website, including the published documents, schedule, etc. Follow the proceedings in the IISD Earth Negotiations Bulletin's daily reports and images.

As the IISD Earth Negotation Bulletin reports, our Stakeholder Opening Statement "urged recognizing the critical role of stakeholders in managing IAS and going beyond the economic growth paradigm towards a biodiversity-friendly pathway that promotes overall prosperity. She highlighted the need for effective dissemination of IPBES products and key messages, noting that 'knowledge transfer is the bedrock of sustainable progress,' and stressing the need for effective capacity building." The full text will be available on this website, shortly.

On social media, follow the IPBES 10 Plenary under #IPBES10 and #InvasiveAlienSpecies.


Photo by IISD/ENB | Anastasia Rodopoulou.